Chandramukhi 2 review

Chandramukhi 2 review


Radhika’s family have been seeing one tragedy after another in their lives.

Hence, a spiritual guru tells them to visit their family deity and perform a pooja. She had to let her grandchildren be part of the pooja as well for it to work.

The family comes to Vettaiyapuram palace, which is infamous for its story.

It’s where Ganga (Jyotika) suffered from split-personality disorder and behaved as Chandramukhi, a dancer.

The palace, owned by Vadivelu, is possessed by the ghosts of Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan. What happens to Radhika and her family forms the story.


Director P Vasu has attempted to revoke memories of ‘Chandramukhi’ in multiple instances.

However, there are hardly any thrilling moments in the movie and the comedy too has not worked out as expected.

P Vasu has attempted to revoke memories of ‘Chandramukhi’ in multiple instances.

Lawrence played the Vettaiyan role pretty well and he has shown a lot of conviction. He is energetic and fits the aura of the character in a convincing manner. 

Kangana Ranaut doesn’t disappoint a bit and she is in top form in the film. She fits the bill rightly as Chandramukhi and gave a stunning performance.

The action sequence that comes over the end between Kangana and Lawrence is superbly composed.

Lakshmi Menon gets a meaty role in the film and she delivers a decent performance.

Vadivelu’s character  is cliched, but his performance is good.

Rest of the cast have delivered what was expected from them.

M.M. Keeravani tried to lift the film with his background score and camerawork by Rajasekhar is fine.


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