Karthik Subbaraj’s mass overloaded ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ teaser OUT!

Karthik Subbaraj’s career defining 2014 movie ‘Jigarthanda’ has gained cult following over the years. It is one of the few films that fans were hoping for a sequel and when the ace filmmaker announced it sometime back it received a thunderous welcome. Earlier this morning it was revealed that the sequel is titled ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ as opposed to Jigarthanda 2.

Now as promised an announcement teaser of ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ has been released which can instantly be termed as mass overloaded. The clip in true sphagetti western style shows a bespectacled S.J. Suryah walking with a harmonica in hand and seating himself in front of a pond. On the other bank is a dilapidated shed inside which a rugged looking Raghava Lawrence is shaping weapons in a furnace with his hammer.

Suryah’s character then starts playing the harmonica and the transformation of Lawrence’s character begins from a normal man to Vinayakar himself. He is then lured out by the villain. Lawrence’s getup has a strong resemblance to ‘Moondru Mugam’ Rajini. And in true Thalaiavar style he is shown rotating pistols on both hands complete with a dangling cigarrette. The antagonist then motions with his hand as if to fire a rifle when the place is swarmed by cops charging towards the hero.

In a vintage Karthik Subbaraj moment the protagonist bends down as if to pull out a machine gun from the ground but instead draws out a camera and with a wry smile begins shooting. On the whole the newage filmmaker has impressed with his raw images and setup his ‘Jigarthanda’ sequel with a strong connection to the original and at the same time promising a new viewing experience. Not to forget the absolutely novel casting of Raghava Lawrence and S.J. Surya together.

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