‘Performing stunts without a body double was an exhilarating experience’

Actress Sakshi Agarwal is all set to grace the big screen in 2023 and she says that there will be “no looking back” for her once Naan Kadavul Illai directed by SA Chandrasekhar. “The film is an emotional-action thriller in which I play a cop. But that’s not about it. I have performed a few stunts in the film choreographed by Kanal Kannan master. It was more exhilarating as I performed them without a body double,” she begins.

Sakshi, who has 2 million followers on her Instagram, posts her workout videos every other day. She says that her fitness regime majorly contributed to performing stunts. “For performing these stunts, your core should be strong .Also, you need to be mentally and physically strong to pull them off without a body double. However, you also need to be technically strong as it involves camera angles and maintaining profiles accordingly,” says the actor.

To play a cop, Sakshi went by SAC’s vision. “He had everything on papers and also enacted it, which made the process much easier,” she adds. Sakshi also has Bagheera, Guest 2, and Puravi are in various stages of production. “Guest 2 is a woman-centric thriller and there is another dramedy that is titled Poi Indru Amaiyadhu Ulagu. All these will release one after the other and they are different from each other,” says Sakshi.

Talking more about Poi Indru… Sakshi says, “The plot revolves around six friends who place their phones on a table and all hell breaks loose. It is a quirky film.” she concludes.

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