Demon movie review

Story (Demon):

Sachin is an assistant director who is looking to direct his first film. 

He finds a producer who is interested in producing his directorial venture — a horror flick.  

Before he begins work on his first film, Sachin finds an apartment to work in a comfortable manner.

When everything is done and Sachin looks to settle down, problems begin.

He starts getting nightmares which invariably make him wake up in a startled state. 

Sachin gets to know that the previous residents of the apartment have died in mysterious ways.

What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Ramesh Pazhanivel comes up with a horror film plot which is relatively new.

The first half of the movie is used by Ramesh to establish the premise and the proceedings pick up pace in the second half.

The questions raised in the first half are answered in the second half in an effective manner.

The movie has some neat performances from Sachin and Abarnathi.

Sachin suits the role of an aspiring filmmaker. The way in which he portrays the character when being haunted is impressive.

Abarnathi has done her role well and makes her presence felt.

The romantic portions between the lead pair has worked out well.

Rest of the cast including Kumki Asvin, ‘Bigg boss’Sruthi Periyasamy, and Raveena Daha have all delivered what was expected from them.

The techincal aspects of the movie are also good.  Ronnie Raphael’s BGM adds to the eerie theme of the movie.

RS Anandakumar’s camerawork has captured the proceedings in an impressive manner.


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