Bihar caste census results out

The Bihar government on Monday made public the results of its controversial caste-based survey just months ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. The census revealed that the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) comprise 63 per cent of the state’s population.

Also known as the Bihar Jaati Adharit Ganana, the census shows that Scheduled Castes account for over 19 per cent of the 13-crore population, while Scheduled Tribes make up 1.68 per cent. The upper castes, or ‘savarnas’, form 15.52 per cent of state’s population.

The detailed break-up of the survey reveals that the backward classes constitute 27 per cent of the population, while the extremely backward classes (EBCs) comprise 36 per cent. Together, they constitute the numerically powerful Other Backward Classes (OBCs) who have dominated Bihar’s politics since the Mandal wave.

While Bhumihars constitute 2.86 per cent of the population, Brahmins comprise 3.66 per cent. The Kurmis – Chief Minister Nitish Kumar belongs to the community – make up 2.87 per cent of the population. Musahars are at 3 per cent, and the Yadavas – Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav’s community – constitute 14 per cent of the population.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who faced legal hurdles and opposition from the BJP over the survey, said that the report would aid in the state government’s initiatives for the development and upliftment of all sections.

“Today, on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the data of the caste-based census conducted in Bihar has been published. Many congratulations to the entire team engaged in the work of caste-based enumeration!”

“Caste-based census also provides information about the economic condition of everyone. On the basis of this report, further action will be taken for the development and upliftment of all sections,” Nitish Kumar shared on ‘X’.

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