BJP leaders from NOrth India spread rumours about attack on migrants: Stalin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders from North Indian States had spread rumours about the attack on migrant labourers with bad intentions.

Stalin, while responding to a series of questions under the ‘Ungalil Oruvan’ programme, said that the rumours started spreading a day after he spoke about the need for a united national-level alliance against the BJP.

“In Tamil Nadu, various state people are living for many periods. They never got affected at any time. For the past few years, many have been coming to Tamil Nadu in search of employment. In Tamil Nadu in any place, these people don’t have any problems. But few people created fake videos and spread false news. BJP members from North Indian States did this with bad intentions. You can understand the plot behind the fake news spreaders if you noticed that these were done the very next day after I spoke about the need for a united national-level alliance against the BJP,” said Stalin when asked about rumours that Migrant labourers are being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

The Chief Minister further said that there are no such incidents in Tamil Nadu and the delegates from Bihar who visited the state returned with full satisfaction.

“Post this fake news, I enquired and even spoke to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. There are no such incidents in Tamil Nadu. DGP has given clarification. Even Bihar delegates visited TN and returned with full satisfaction. Tamil Nadu is a state known for ‘Vandhorai Vala Vaikum Tamil Nadu’ (whoever Comes here, Tamil Nadu would make their life better). Tamil Nadu – Tamils love unity and brotherhood. People who have high thoughts like ‘Pirapokkum Ella Vyirukkum’ (all men that live are one in circumstances of birth) – ‘Yadum Ure Yavaru Kalir’ (All the universe is our place and everyone in this universe is our people.) This is well known to the northern state brothers here,” he added.


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