Clay pots slowly making a comeback

Apart from sugarcane, new dresses and sweet pongal, one other inseparable tradition associated with the Pongal festival is the use of clay utensils.

In earlier days, people used to cook the pongal in clay pots using firewood. With the introduction of gas stoves, firewood is used rarely these days. However, clay pots are still used in several places.

Speaking about the sale of clay pots for this festival season, Gajendran, who runs a pottery shop on Camp Road, said, “We are in this business for generations. Things were very dull for the past few years. However, with much emphasis on following our traditions, a few people recently turned their attention to clay pots. Hopefully, we will see good sales this

Explaining the different types of pots available, he said, “There are three main types – earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. All these require a good amount of clay material and high firing temperatures. They can be made in various shapes for a variety of purposes.”

He further said the required amount of clay varies according to the size of the pot.

“We should take the required amount of clay and roll it into the shape of a ball. Then we should give pressure at the center of the ball using our thumb. Then by using our thumb and fingers we should pinch the clay from the center, forming the walls of the pot. We can then create designs in the pot using our hands. After that we should let it dry,” Gajendran explained.

Gajendran can be reached at 9444613484.

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