Clear skies, Delta fishermen go to sea after a 15-day pause

 Fishermen from the coastal belt along the Delta region returned to the sea for work after around 15 days on Wednesday as the weather condition became normal and cyclone warning was withdrawn.

Since the northeast monsoon set in, heavy rains lashed the Delta region and fishermen were warned not to enter the sea following a low pressure in the Bay and on November 7.

As the situation returned to normal, the Fisheries Department, on Tuesday, withdrew the warning. Subsequently, after 15 days, they resumed their regular fishing activities.

According to sources, around 3,000 country boats and 700 mechanised boats in Nagapattinam ventured into sea on Wednesday.

While in Mayiladuthurai around 500 mechanised boats and 2,000 country boats resumed work.

Similarly, fishermen from Thanjavur and Pudukkottai, who stayed away from the sea for the past couple of days, resumed their activities from Wednesday.

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