Cop who abused activist over helmet issue booked by Chennai police

A video showing a policeman Krishnakumar abusing the activist in the first week of October had gone viral with a number of netizens then expressing displeasure towards the attitude of the man in khaki.

Kasimayan has been trying to get the FIR registered against the policeman since then and finally the police booked Krishanakumar on Tuesday.

Kasimayan said that incident happened on the way from Padi flyover to Anna Nagar RTO. He had noticed a policeman on a bike without a helmet and speaking on a mobile phone using headphones. He then asked the policeman why was not wearing a helmet. “He then said that he was a policeman and he would do it like that,” Kasimayan said.

After driving some distance, the policeman stopped the vehicle, got down from it and then intercepted Kasimayan’s bike, the video showed. 

When the activist asked why he was being stopped, the policeman was seen asking him “What is your problem? I have enough problems, podaa” the policeman was seen saying.

When Kasimayan again brings out the point about wearing a helmet the policeman says “I will not wear a helmet, podaa,”.

The way the policeman spoke to Kasimayan had left many wondering if the helmet rule was only applicable to common man and not the persons in uniforms.

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