Exotic species recovered at Chennai airport

The Chennai Customs officials said they seized 45 ball pythons, three marmosets, three-star tortoises, and eight corn snakes which were smuggled from Bangkok. Two unattended backpacks discovered Wednesday (January 11) at the airport close to the baggage claim belt led to the recovery of the exotic animals.

The rescued animals were deported to Bangkok on Thursday (January 12) under the deportation order issued by the department of animal quarantine and certification services. “The recovered wildlife species have been deported to Bangkok by FD-154 on 12.01.23 under the deportation order issued by the Department of Animal Quarantine and Certification Services,” the Chennai Customs tweeted. Details about the accused are yet to be known.

In recent months, Chennai Airport has had a number of seizures of exotic animals. In November, two Pygmy Marmosets and two Dusky Leaf Monkeys were found in the baggage of an arriving passenger.

Earlier in August, one DeBrazza Monkey, fifteen KingSnakes, five Ball Pythons, and two Aldabra Tortoises were recovered from the checked-in baggage of a passenger.

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