Villagers block National Highway near Maduranthagam as crew ignore to halt at bus stop

Angered that government buses were not halting at their stop even after an order from the district Collector, a group of villagers from Kallapiranpuram blocked the National Highway near Maduranthagam on Monday, leading to traffic disruption on the busy Chennai-Tiruchy highway for more than an hour.

The people of Kallapiranpuram are dependent on bus service to go to schools, hospitals and government offices. However, the villagers alleged that the government and private buses that pass through the road do not halt at the bus stop located on the Chennai-Tiruchy National Highway, forcing the students, office-goers and others to travel on lorries and other commercial vehicles that pass through the highway.

After repeated requests from the villagers, the Chengalpattu Collector ordered the busses to stop at Kallapiranpuram bus stop and even a signboard was erected near the bus stop to ensure the order was implemented. However, the bus crew failed to pay heed to this order and continued to skip the stop.

Furious that their efforts and even the Collector’s order were disregarded, the villagers staged a protest on Monday and blocked four government and private buses that came by. Soon, Maduranthagam police and officials from the State Transport Department came to the spot and held talks with the villagers.

The police assured the people that hereafter, all buses that pass by would stop there. Finally, the villagers relented and gave up the protest. The stir hit traffic on the National Highway for more than an hour.

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