GCC to prepare masterplan to increase use of electric vehicles

While the State government is revising the electric vehicle (EV) policy with special features to increase the production of EVs, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has taken initiatives to prepare an EV Masterplan to ensure smooth transition to the emission-less commute.

A senior official said that the master plan is a part of Chennai City Partnership Programme funded by the World Bank. “The masterplan will be prepared after studying the commuting pattern of the city and future demand for EVs,” he added.

The masterplan will be prepared by the Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL). It’ll identify locations where charging stations would be required and the upgrades to be made to road infrastructure to facilitate them.

Meanwhile, the GCC and CSCL are conducting stakeholder meetings with government departments and EV production companies to get feedback before finalising the master plan. When asked whether the dock-less cycle stations set up under cycle sharing system will be converted into EV charging stations, the official clarified that locations will be finalised after the masterplan is prepared.

The AIADMK government had announced an EV Policy in 2019 but the present government is revising it, considering various developments taking place in production and use of EVs. The ‘TN Electric Vehicle Policy 2019’ set out to attract Rs 50,000 crore in investments and create 1.5 lakh new jobs. The support measures include 100% road tax exemption for all types of EVs, capital subsidies and reimbursement of State GST.

The policy also recommended setting up charging points in commercial buildings such as malls and others. The policy projected 9.8 crore vehicles in TN by 2030 and envisaged to have 30% of those vehicles to be EVs. The policy is being revised based on recommendations from the State Planning Commission.

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