Girl students should pursue higher education; work after marriage: CM Stalin

Girl students should not discontinue their studies after schooling but should further pursue higher education and should excel in their profession even after their marriage, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin said on Thursday.

As the chief guest at the centenary celebrations of Vidyodaya Schools here, he said: “We should make girl students self-confident. They should not stop after their schooling but should go to college. They should get jobs based on their qualification and even after marriage, they should excel in their respective jobs. That would not only make this school proud but also this State.”

Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for the country to be without any caste and religious differences and that all Indians should excel in education, the CM said and added that one of the disciples of the Mahatma in Tamil Nadu was the founder of Vidyodaya Schools – Elizabeth Sornam Appasamy.

Pointing out that Vidyodaya established a school for girls when the society at that time was against girls going out to get education, Mr. Stalin contended that a few people were trying to sow such conservative thoughts in the society again.

“They are trying to snatch away hard-won rights from the oppressed. They want to confine women to their houses. We should not allow their conspiracy to prevent you from getting education. It will never succeed,” he said.

“Yes, such people still exist, and they intend to keep women in-doors and to take back the hard-won rights from the oppressed. You should throw such survivalist thoughts in the bin and excel in studies. I reiterate education is an asset which none could steal from you. The thoughts of those who do not want you to get education should not get fulfilled. It will not,” Mr. Stalin said.

He asked the girl students to throw the “opportunistic statements” of such people to the dustbin and concentrate on studies. He reiterated that education was the only wealth which cannot be stolen.

Vidyodaya Schools chairperson and retired IAS officer Jayanthi requested the CM to include a few State-aided schools in the ‘Namma School Thittam’, which presently covers only the government-run schools. The scheme has evoked interest among the Indian diaspora to participate in funding and connecting with their alma mater, she said.

School Correspondent Sharadha Balasubramanian, life member Dr. Prabha Appasamy and Thousand Lights MLA Dr. N. Ezhilan participated. The CM gave away prizes to students, who excelled in academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities and released the centenary souvenir. He also inaugurated a centenary clock tower in the school campus.

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