Governor’s appointments highly politicised, says D Raja

Governor appointments are political in nature and those affiliated to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are appointed as Governors, said D. Raja, general secretary of Communist Party of India (CPI), here on Sunday.

When asked about appointment of former BJP MP CP Radhakrishnan as Governor of Jharkhand, he said such appointments have now become political, so that the Governors can become representatives of the party and the Centre.

Further, the Left leader said the rights of the state are being snatched away by the central government. “If democracy has to be preserved, then BJP should be defeated in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. For this, the democratic forces should come together,” he said.

The concept of ‘one nation, one election’ will not work in India, he added.

Mr. Raja called for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the allegations against the Adani group.

“Only the corporate firms have attained larger growth in the BJP rule. The corruption by Adani has become a talking point. During the previous regimes, when corruption issues surfaced, then finance ministers submitted their resignations,” he said.

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