Governors are being used as BJP workers, says Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge

Amid the tussle between the DMK-led government and Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday accused the BJP of using governors as ‘karyakartas’ (party workers) and said that the “brazen overstepping of the Constitution” by a few of them recently has sullied federal structure of Indian polity.

Ravi had a face-off with the state government in the Assembly where Chief Minister M K Stalin, also president of the ruling DMK, piloted a resolution against the Governor’s deviation from his customary address to the house. Following the face-off, the governor staged an unprecedented walkout from the assembly.

“BJP’s deliberate design to denigrate the Constitutional office of Governors by using them as ‘karyakartas’, in states ruled by the opposition is an assault on Democracy. Brazen overstepping of the Constitution by a few Governors recently has sullied the federal structure of our polity,” Kharge said in a tweet.

“Governors have to function within the framework of the Constitution and cannot insult the Legislature of which they are a part of. But they are being manipulated by their Delhi masters to create social and political unrest in states ruled by parties other than BJP which is dangerous,” the Congress president alleged.

He did not make any direct reference to the tamil episode.

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