Intense frosting at Nilgiris, 0 degree Celsius recorded in some areas

 Intense frosting has set in at The Nilgiris with the minimum temperature dipping to zero degree Celsius in certain parts of the district.

Although frosting is an annual phenomenon that sets in at the Nilgiris during November, it was delayed this season due to the intermittent rains brought by the monsoon. “Frosting commenced in the second week of November, but its impact faded soon with the start of the rains. After more than a month, frosting took off minimally two weeks ago. It has intensified over the last four days,” said an official of the horticulture department.

While Ooty shines during the day, the hill region experiences freezing chillness at night. Popular tourist attractions, including Avalanche, Thalaikundha and Emerald, recorded a minimum temperature of zero degree Celsius on Monday night, the lowest temperature so far this year. There is also a huge variation in the night and day temperatures.

In Ooty, the temperature dropped to a minimum of 2.8 degrees Celsius while it rose to a maximum of 23 degrees Celsius. Even Kotagiri, which did not experience frosting in the last two years due to its lower altitude, witnessed it over the last few days.

Due to the sudden drop in temperature, the sprawling lawn of the Government Botanical Garden (GBG) threw a visual treat during the morning hours, with frost resembling a white blanket being laid on them.

In view of heavy frosting, the horticulture department has taken special efforts to prevent flowering plants from getting dried up. Meanwhile, the drop in temperature has forced people to stay indoors in evenings and lit fires to keep them warm.

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