Jharkhand man arrested by Tambaram police for false attack claims

A migrant worker from Jharkhand and his friends created a video to gain popularity and create unrest among the migrant workforce by falsely claiming they were being beaten up by locals, Tambaram police said on Tuesday.

The migrant worker, identified as one Manoj Yadav, and his friends released a video of them requesting the state governments of Tamilnadu and Jharkhand to help them return to their native place, they said.

“Tambaram city police investigated into this and found out, this video was created by Manoj Yadav for gaining popularity and to create unrest among the migrant workers,” Tambaram police said in a tweet.

“One Manoj Kumar from Jharkhand State, who produced and uploaded a fake video on assault of migrant laborers, was secured in Tambaram City today. He has been staying and working in Tamil Nadu for a long time,” the tweet read.

Manoj Yadav was arrested and remanded to judicial custody.

The cops also released a confession video of Yadav in which he can be heard saying, “I and my friends put out a false video. I have been living in Tamil Nadu for 25 years and have not faced any problem. Food, lodging everything is available. My friends put out the video for gaining popularity. These are all lies.”

The statement was issued amid growing apprehensions among the migrant workforce in the wake of circulation of alleged fake videos of attacks on some of them in the state.


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