More than 32 L devotees visited Thiruvannamalai over 2 days for Deepam fest

The highest ever attendance of more than 32lakhs devotees have participated in the Thiruvannamali Deepam festival celebrations over the last 2 days. This is a record now.

The sources revealed that the Tiruvannamalai district administration have been receiving lots of appreciation from various quarters like officialdom, media and public thru social media regarding conducting Karthigai Deepam festival problem free.

The collector of the district of Thiruvannamalai, Mr. B. Murugesh spoke about how their work in the last week to ensure complete satisfaction of all the devotees to the temple town has paid off as the Krthigai Deepam festival went well without any issue.

The collector shed light on how the district administration, panchayati raj and rural development departments etc have been praised now. About 3000 employees worked day in and day out for this festival here to become successful. The collector took part in a video conference and thanked these employees for their superb efforts.

Head scanners were used at the check posts in the 9 entry points to the town and over 2 day deepam and girivalam celebrations to know about the head counts. It was found that more than 32 lakhs took part in the celebrations and that was the highest ever for the event.

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