Namakkal: 4 killed in accident after firecrackers kept in house explodes

Firecrackers stored in a house in Namakall exploded and caused an accident. In this accident, 2 people, including the owner of the firecracker shop, died miserably.

Thillaikumar lives in Mohanur Mettutheru, Namakkal district. He runs a firecracker shop in the area named Thillai Fire Orks. It is also said that he used to store firecrackers in his house and sell them. In this case, it exploded in the middle of the night with a terrible noise. The entire house was leveled in this explosion.

2 people, including old woman Periyakal (73), who lived near the house, and cracker shop owner Thillaikumar, died on the spot. Also, 5 people were seriously injured. Neighbors immediately rescued everyone and sent them to Namakkal Government Medical College Hospital by ambulance. They are receiving intensive care there.

The fire department and the police were informed about the incident. Firefighters rushed to the spot and are working to extinguish the fire. Also, they are investigating whether anyone was trapped in the building collapse. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. It is feared that the death toll may increase as the condition of the seriously injured in the accident is critical.

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