Parties question Ravi for delaying online rummy ban Bill

 Political parties, be in the ruling alliance or in the opposition, except BJP, have joined hands to question and condemn Governor RN Ravi for the delay in providing assent to the Bill to ban online gambling.

Latest to join in the issue is VCK president Thol Thirumavalavan, who on Tuesday, urged the state to pass a resolution in the Assembly asking the Centre to recall the Governor.

“Due to laxity of the Governor the validity period for the Ordinance to ban online rummy has ended. The act of the Governor (in delaying the assent for the Bill) is not just against the welfare of the Tamils, but also against the entire humanity. The state government should pass a resolution in the Assembly to recall the Governor,” said Thirumavalavan, in a tweet.

The issue of the Governor not giving assent to the Bill to ban online gambling has turned into a much debated issue in the state as almost all the political parties condemned the Governor and demanded his recall.

Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi founder T Velmurugan said that the action of the Governor in delaying the assent for the Bill raises suspicion. “By not considering the welfare of the youth and students community Governor is withholding the assent for the Bill and his delay creates suspicion whether the Governor is in favour of the online rummy corporate companies functioning with the intention of profit,” he asked.

Meanwhile, state Information Technology (IT) Minister T Mano Thangaraj accused the Governor for the delay and said that the Governor by not giving the assent to the Bills is setting a wrong precedent in the state. He also said that when the elected government passes a Bill, the Governor has no other go but to give assent to the Bill.

CPM slams Governor for not meeting farmers’ representatives

Members of CPM affiliated Students’ Federation of India were detained by the city police when they tried to join the train picket at the Chennai Central Railway station on Tuesday in protest against taking Tamil Nadu students to Kashi Tamil Sangam allegedly to inculcate RSS ideology. The SFI students were detained by the police when they tried to enter the Central station. Meanwhile, Samyukta Kisan Morcha state convenor and CPM state secretary K Balakrishnan on Tuesday condemned the Governor for refusing to meet farmers’ representatives on November 26. SKM held a march to Raj Bhavan alleging a breach of assurance by the Centre on farmers’ pending demands.

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