Stalin visits sand sculpture put up by women’s helpline

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Friday visited a sand sculpture on the Marina beach, put up by the 181 helpline for women dedicated to ending violence against women.

The “181 women Help Center” is a 24-hour assistance centre run by the tamil Nadu government to protect women and children. This allows for the provision of crucial services to women who have experienced violence, including family concerns, such as police, medical care, legal assistance, and mental health counselling.

There is a help centre that may be reached via the 181 toll-free number, email, online chat, etc. Additionally, you can enquire about the welfare programmes the government has put in place for women and the help it offers to those who experience domestic abuse and other sorts of cruelty and most of the women are scared to lodge a case or file a complaint.

Today (Dec. 30), chief minister M.K. stalin visited the sand sculpture made at marina beach in chennai to raise awareness about women’s safety on behalf of this 181 Women’s Help Center. “Let’s put an end to violence against women!” Let’s make society risk-free for women! Let’s all pledge to protect women’s safety! the Women’s Safety Pledge Awareness Banner with my signature.

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