Tamil Nadu police bar access to beaches on New Year’s eve, January 1

The Tamil Nadu police Wednesday issued a set of guidelines the public needs to follow on December 31 and on New Year’s Day. It was noted that close to one lakh police personnel will be on duty on the two days across the state for security purposes.

In a statement, the state police high command asked the public not to venture out unnecessarily on motor vehicles on New Year’s Eve.

The police also said that there should be no celebrations post 1 am on New Year’s Day and people will not be allowed to go near the beaches on both days.

Tamil Nadu Police, in an advisory, appealed to the public to celebrate new year in their homes with their families.

As many as 90,000 police will be on duty across the state.

They will also be assisted by 10,000 home guards.

“Vehicle checking will be conducted all across the state, ” police said.

Public are also advised to not venture into the seas for celebrations on New year’s eve.

Public who are traveling long distances by road are advised to make frequent stops every three hours.

Shops and eateries will be permitted to function throughout the night, police said.

It was noted that stringent action would be initiated against rash driving. Those travelling long distances have been advised to take a short break every three hours as the government has allowed tea shops and restaurants to operate on the arterial roads throughout the night.

The police said places of worship will be provided ample security. It was said that if people are travelling to other towns and require security for their locked houses, a patrol will be arranged by the local police to prevent any crime.

All the pubs, resorts were informed to follow the standard operating procedures (SOP) issued by the police.

Through CCTV cameras, the police said, they will be monitoring and strict action will be initiated against anyone found violating the guidelines. People have also been asked to dial 100 if they find anyone indulging in illegal bike racing.

Earlier in the day, Health Minister Ma Subramanian said the existing Covid-19 safety measures which includes wearing masks and maintaining social distance still continue to be in place and added that although there are no restrictions for New Year’s celebrations, people should have self-discipline.

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