Volleyball player DIED VOMITING BLOOD: body brought home from Nepal

The body of Tamil Nadu player Akash, who died while playing in a volleyball match held in Nepal, was buried in his native village of Kaivantur in Tiruvallur district.

The 27-year-old has excelled in volleyball at the university and state levels. He had gone there on the 21st to participate in a volleyball tournament held in Nepal. He played in the match held on 25th consecutively. Later that day, he was in the room and had a sudden chest pain. He has also vomited.

His companions rushed him to the hospital. The doctors who examined him there declared him dead.

His relatives have been informed. On their behalf, an appeal was made to the District Collector to get Akash’s dead body from Nepal. After post-mortem, his body was airlifted to Nepal-Delhi-Chennai and handed over to his relatives.

Subsequently, relatives, friends and co-workers have paid tribute to his body in his native village of Khaivandur. After that his body was buried. A volleyball is also kept with him.

The family of Akash, a volleyball player from Thiruvallur, was shocked to hear the news that his son died at the place where he went to play, while his parents were waiting for him to return to the country after achieving success in sports.

Nehru Dasan-Latha couple hail from Kaivandur village next to Tiruvallur. They have 2 sons Akash (27) and Aadhavan (24) Akash is a volleyball player. He was interested in sports since his childhood, and after studying engineering, he became a physical education teacher in Ambattur because of his interest in volleyball. He has participated in Tamil Nadu and India level tournaments and received many prizes and certificates.

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