Social work students from MCC conduct awareness event in Tambaram

Tambaram: A community program organised by the Master of Social Work (SFS) students of Madras Christian College under the guidance of Baliy Vincent, Professor, Department of social work (SFS)], was conducted at the Tambaram Bus Terminal on October 5th, 2023,

The aim of the program was to enlighten the public about the lives and struggles of transgender individuals.

The event, organised with the prior consent of the S11 Tambaram Police Station, sought to underscore the principles of gender equality and inclusivity.

Kicking off the day’s activities, attendees were mobilised through songs and the distribution of informational pamphlets. The event commenced with an introduction by the students, followed by a powerful street theater performance portraying the life journey of transwoman Prithika Yashini, drawing on her real-life experiences.
As the program concluded, a simple yet impactful talk on the significance of gender equality and inclusivity resonated with the gathered audience, emphasising the need for a more inclusive society.


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