striker movie review


Madan Dakshina Murthy, who was a great football player, gets injured in an accident and is unable  even to walk properly. 

Due to this, he starts giving coaching to the youths who are in the slum and aims to improve their lifestyle. 

One of the youths is Sarath, who falls in love with Ayraa. Due to this he is not properly focused on football. 

At some point the youngsters become focused under the coaching of Madan Dakshina Murthy. After this they select some of them in the football committee. 

Then the villain prevents those youths from choosing in the ego that how can those at the lower level reach the upper level. 

Thus the life of the youth becomes questionable. What eventually became of these young people’s lives? That is the rest of the story of the film.


Directed by S. Hari Uthra, the film focuses on how young people belonging to the families of daily wage laborers who strive to make a mark in the game of football are marginalised despite their talent. 

The director has made a movie with a relevant social message. But he could have presented it in a better manner. 

With most of the actors being newcomers, they have all done their part well. Sarath could have focused a little more on acting. He has the same expression for all the emotions. Ayraa has done her job well.

Madan Dakshina Murthy and Ganja Karupu have delivered what was expected from them. 

Songs by Alimmisrak are good. Vinod Raja has given the necessary cinematography for the film.

Rating; 3.2/5 


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