2,511 H1N1 cases, 25 deaths reported in Tamil Nadu till Oct 2022

As many as 2,511 cases of AH1N1 influenza have been reported in Tamil Nadu until October this year, while 25 people died due to related causes.

While officials from the State Health Department deny a major outbreak of influenza, around 1,000 cases were reported in October itself. The numbers, however, had started to decline after a sudden surge in the cases in September.

As per the data from the Central Surveillance Unit, Integrated Diseases Surveillance Programme, National Centre for Diseases Control, the numbers of cases of influenza spiked manifold when compared to 2021, as only about 11 cases were reported last year and no fatalities. And the year before, it was 276 cases of influenza and one related death.

At least 1,038 cases of influenza were recorded in 2019.

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