Technical glitches, cash payment irk Metro passengers in Chennai

With steady spike of passenger footfall at all Metro stations, commuters have urged the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) to rectify the frequent technical glitches faced in ticketing system and scanning. Meanwhile, passengers have also alleged that a few parking lots of the stations only allow cash payments and do not have online payment facilities.

Speaking to DT Next, T Ravindran, an IT professional said, “Though these technical glitches are quickly resolved by CMRL, it is no surprise that these issues often come up. With high passenger flow, even during non-peak hours, maintenance should be top priority.”

Ravindran says he recently had multiple instances where the ticket bought at the counter failed to scan, thus forcing him to seek the assistance of employees. “Such minor inconveniences and repeated incidents can irate passengers,” he added.

Meanwhile, G Devibala, a media professional working in Ashok Nagar spoke about faculty ticketing machines. “Recently, I noticed at least one or two ticketing machines with the sign – out of service – such issues must be addressed quickly. Because passengers like me who hardly take Metro, cannot afford a travel card,” Devibala said.

Further in the case of parking lots, a frequent Metro commuter alleged that the Metro parking lot opposite VR Mall in Anna Nagar only accepts cash. “I was told at the Metro parking lot that they only accept cash. When they insisted on the online-way-of-payment, they pointed at the board, which said that ‘only cash accepted’, ”said a passenger.

“Accepting only cash can cause a major inconvenience to the passengers. Other systems of payments must also be introduced at the earliest. Also, the parking space for Thirumangalam Metro is insufficient considering high ridership at the particular station. This too needs to be addressed, ”requested the passenger.

CMRL officials could not be reached despite multiple attempts.

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