Chennai Literary Festival : 25 Colleges PARTICIPATING, 30 major events

The School Education Minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi and Minister for Youth Welfare and Sport Development Udhayanidhi Stalin are set to inaugurate the pre-events of Chennai literary festival for college students on January 4.

Several competitions and workshops will be held for college students on January 4 and 5, before the actual inauguration of the three-day literary festival on January 6, focusing both on school and college students, at the Anna Centenary Library.

25 colleges are going to participate in this festival in Chennai with 30 matches and 25 training workshops.The competitions mentioned in this event are One Minute Oration, Tamil Poetry Competition, Essay Competition, Seminar, Folk Arts, Drama Competition, Speech Competition and various other competitions.

In the workshop to be held on January 5, Tamil language training workshops and English language training workshops will be held. For the students who want to participate in these, the online registration process has been notified.

The department had planned to conduct four literary festivals, owing to the announcement made in the assembly to celebrate Tamil literature. The festivals will be held under prominent Tamil Nadu rivers named; Siruvani, Vaigai, Cauvery and Porunai.

In November, the Porunai literature festival was held in Tirunelveli. A similar festival is planned in Chennai too. The festival will have stalls with literary works for both college and school students. Additionally, competitions will be held in the festival for children and Chennai’s history in terms of books, videos and literature will be part of the festival.

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