Notification of Jallikattu Regulations issued : Strict action if violated

Trichy District Collector Pradeep Kumar has announced that applications for holding jallikattu competitions in Trichy district are welcomed. Rules and regulations for the jallikattu competitions have been issued . If there are any violation of the rules, criminal action will be taken against the organizers of the competition.

In the press meet held the Dictrict Collector said,”Applications are invited for conducting jallikattu competitions for the coming year 2023 in Trichy district. In order to avoid the last minute rush and to publish notices in the gazettes, the applications for holding jallikattu competitions for the upcoming year 2023 should be submitted to the district administration 15 days before the competition.”

Jallikattu / Vadamadu / Manchu Virattu / Oxen Feshman Festival Committees have been requested to conduct the competition following the norms mentioned in Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries Ordinance No: 7 Dated: 21.07.2017.

Here are few of the Rules:

  • Jallikattu competitions should be conducted only with prior permission from the government.
  • The Jallikattu competition should be held only in the villages where the Jallikattu competition was held in the past years after the decree was issued.
  • If permission is sought to hold jallikattu competition in villages where jallikattu competition has been held in the past without the issuance of a government order, an application should be submitted with evidence such as photographs of the jallikattu competition, newspaper reports, inscriptions and copies of resolutions passed in village panchayats.
  • Only its owner and one assistant will be allowed to accompany the bull participating in Jallikattu competitions.
  • Bulls participating in jallikattu competitions must be medically examined by their owner before participating in the competition and submit a certificate to that effect.
  • After the bull has finished participating in the jallikattu competition, its owner must take the bull safely away.
  • After participating in the jallikattu competition, the bull owners must take the bulls for medical examination.The bulls participating in the Jallikattu competition should be given adequate rest and the bulls should be taken home immediately.
  • The organizers of the jallikattu competition and the owner of the bull bringing the bulls to participate in the competition and all the players participating in the competition must have two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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