Death of Tigers: National Tiger Conservation Authority officials begin investigation

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has sent a team of officials to Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris district following the deaths of tigers, with 10 fatalities reported within a span of just 40 days.

The investigative team comprises Inspector General (IG) Murali Kumar, Central Wildlife Crime Branch South Zone Director Kiruba Shankar, and Central Wildlife Research Centre Scientist Ramesh Krishnamurthy.

Their primary mission is to unravel the mystery surrounding these tiger deaths and ascertain the causes.

The alarming series of tiger fatalities began on August 16 with the reports of the death of two tiger cubs in the Sigur region.

This was followed by another tiger fatality in Naduvattam on August 17 and yet another in Mudumalai on August 31.

In addition, two tigers were found to have been killed using poisoned meat in Avalanchi on September 9. The month of September witnessed the demise of four tiger cubs between September 17 and 19 in Cunnoor.

One aspect of these incidents that has raised concerns among environmentalists is the absence of two tigresses.

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