First budget of Tambaram Corporation to be tabled soon

The first budget of Tambaram Corporation is expected to be tabled soon. The final draft of the budget is getting ready in a full-fledged manner. 

Discussions are being held with officials about the schemes that have to be implemented during the budget.

Reports suggest that around Rs 700 crore will be allocated for various projects during the budget.

Sources said that the first budget will focus more on improving the educational infrastructure in the Corporation.

Tambaram Corporation Mayor Vasanthakumari said that though several schemes will be part of the budget, more importance will be given to improving the infrastructure of government schools within Tambaram Corporation limit.

“Government schools will be upgraded on par with private schools with proper toilets, drinking water, playground and seating facilities,” the Mayor said.

It is said that Tambaram Corporation Commissioner Alagumeena is carrying out reviews in various wards of the Tambaram Corporation to get more inputs for the budget.

Sources added the budget will also have announcements regarding the unified underground drainage scheme, storm water drainage scheme and drinking water scheme.

Apart from this the budget will have the scheme of allocating Rs 10 lakh to every Councillor to be used during emergency works.

Another important aspect of the budget will be the laying, re-laying and repairing of roads within the Tambaram Corporation limit.

Restoration of water bodies, infra to reduce traffic, upgradation of health and sanitation systems are some of the key developments expected in the budget. 


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