Asvins movie review


Five young youtubers travel to London for black tourism during which they visit historical, monumental places where tragedies have taken place and they take video of such locations.

The team is now visiting a palace in London, where a number of deaths have taken place.

Though the bodies were recovered from the palace, they went missing after recovery.

What happens to the body and the mystery behind their death forms the rest of the story.


Director Tarun Teja has made the movie as a mix of mythology, horror and thriller.

His success lies in the way in which he has handled the three genres and how he connects them.

While, the first half sets the premise of the movie, it is the second half where the actual story takes place.

With minimal characters, all of them have performed well.

Be it their expression or body language, they have done complete justice.

Vasanth Ravi fits his role perfectly. His portrayal of the character is good.

He carries the entire movie on his shoulder and has got into the skin of his character.

Vimala Raman makes her entry in the second half and has delivered a neat performance.

Vijay Siddharth’s background score is racy and adds more to the horror element in the movie.

A M Edwin Sakay’s camera work has complimented the theme of the movie in an effective manner.


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