Thalainagaram 2 review


Three gangsters who are ruling three parts of Chennai are trying to take control over the entire city by finishing off the other two.

A certain situation forces Sundar C to take on all the three gangsters at the same time. All the three rowdies also target Sundar C.

Who emerges as the winner, why did Sundar C take on the goons forms the rest of the story.


Director V Z Dhorai has delivered a full fledged action packed movie. The screenplay is tight and the storyline is also interesting.

However, the director could have avoided the bloodbath in so many sequences.

Sundar C shines in the role of right. He has understood the depth of the character and has delivered a top notch performance.

This is easily one of his best performances so far.

Palak Lalwani gets a meaty role and has delivered what was expected from her.

Rest of the cast including Thambi Ramaiah, Vishal, Rajan, Prabhakar have all done their part well.

Music by Ghibran is pulsating and adds to the momentum of the movie. Cinematography by E Krishnasamy is impressive.


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