Raththam movie review


Vijay Antony is an esteemed crime journalist who retreats into a life of seclusion in Kolkata after the tragic loss of his wife.

However, when his close friend falls victim to a fanatic fan’s murder, Vijay Antony is compelled to return to his former life and investigate the string of killings.


Director C S Amudhan ensures that he has done a proper amount of homework for his film, by delivering a lot of sequences which are quite new for the audiences.

Apart from constantly throwing up some sort of small surprises throughout the film, it also manages to do a great level of social commentary.

Vijay Antony, with his subdued performance, is good as investigative journalist.

Mahima Nambiar springs a surprise with her performance as well. Nandita Sweta, as an honest journalist, looks the part as well.

Nizhalgal Ravi is superb in a full-fledged role, Jagan has a whistle-worthy moment to his name.

Music by Kannan Narayanan is apt for the theme of the movie. Gopi Amarnath’s camerawork is impressive.

Rating: 3.3/5


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