800 movie review


Muralidharan’s grandparents migrated from Tamil Nadu to settle down in Northern Sri Lanka and work at Kandy’s tea estates.

Riots between the Sinhalese and Lankan Tamilians dictate the fate of Murali’s relatives, who move back to Tamil Nadu, while young Murali and his parents remain in Kandy.

From here on, the movie focuses upon how Murali made his way into the Sri Lankan cricket team and how he eventually charted his milestone-laden career where he took over 800 test wickets.


Director MS Sripathy’s 800 captures Murali’s years as a kid, teenager and late teen till he took 800 wickets. And to see him carry the trauma and yet channel his energy towards cricket is inspiring.

Madhur Mittal, as Muthiah Muralidharan, is simply perfect. Be it his bowling action or his expressive eyes, it’s safe to say that he has lived his role.

Sri Lankan actor King Rathnam as Arjuna Ranatunga impressed with his performance as well.

Rest of the cast including Mahima Nambiar, Vadivukkarasi, Nasser and several others aided the film well.

Composer Ghibran’s music enhances the overall movie-watching experience, as does RD Rajasekar’s cinematography.

Rest of the technical aspects are passable.


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